One of our participants, Barrett Watten, a poet, scholar and one of the founding poets and editors of the Language School of Poetry, just sent us a beautiful picture of Lisbon painted by his grandfather in the 1920’s. Here it is, enjoy it. October 2017

Painted in the 1920s by Henry Alderton, Sr.



More performances will be announced soon. June 7, 2017.

A third workshop on sound poetry is being considered. More soon… June 7, 2017

A second workshop entitled “Komplex, KabARet Lisbon” by Mariano Equizzi is online now – check it out at the events page! More informations regarding proper registration to the workshop will be on soon! June 6, 2017


An extraordinary workshop is being prepared with Ricardo Castro from O Homem do Saco’ (The Boggeyman) association, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Invisible Circus of the Diggers, in 1967. The Boggeyman is an atelier of typography and of independent editions. It makes editions of a limited number of copies in typography of moveable characters, but also uses digital or offset fingerprints for editions with bigger print runs. At other times, it mixes different printing techniques (collage, rerouting, dripping, scotch tape, monitypes). There are several editorial seals in this association.

More info soon!

March 2017


Um extraordinário workshop está a ser preparado em parceria com Ricardo Castro, da associação O Homem do Saco, com vista à comemoração do cinquentenário de O Circo Invisível dos Diggers, em 1967.  O Homem do Saco é um atelier de tipografia e edições independentes. Realiza edições de algumas dezenas de exemplares em tipografia de caracteres móveis, mas também recorre a impressões digitais ou offset em edições de maior tiragem. Outras vezes, mistura diferentes técnicas de impressão (colagem, desvio, gotejamento, fita adesiva, monotipias). Existem várias chancelas editoriais nesta associação.




Work in Progress: Avant-gardes in Lisbon/film, 23.3.2017

                           @ Gulbenkian Foundation and ZDB Gallery


• 1st Call for Papers ends on April 30. 2nd Call until May 25. Send your abstract or proposal.

• L’Obéissance Est Morte:

• The Call for Papers is now open  – for any information use the e-mail of the conference in the contacts tab. Until soon! 29.03.2017

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