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Isidore Isou Recital
(1947-1984), 30’

 by Loré Lixenberg

  • Cris pour 5.OOO.OOO de juifs égorgés (1947)
  • Neige (1950)
  • Recherches pour un poème en prose pure (1950)
  • Opus aphonistique n°1 (1959)
  • Poème aphoniste à fonctionnelle (1984)

(2015-2017), 26’

– for buchla, voice, mouths, skins, fixed imaged and ideas

spatialized in real time on multiple speakers

by Frédéric Acquaviva
mezzo-soprano : Loré Lixenberg

Isidore Isou “Symphony #4” : Juvenal
(2001), 62’

orchestrated and performed by Frédéric Acquaviva (2001-2003)
spatialized in real time on multiple speakers

voice : Isidore Isou
solo voice : Maria Faustino
lettrist choir : Jean-Baptiste Beck, Silva Gabriela Béju, Alain Bertaud, Nicole Brenez, Broutin, Jacques
Chaumeix, Camille Cholain, Catherine Cousin, Lucienne Deschamps, Maria Faustino, Sylvain Monségu, Eric
Monsinjon, Francois Poyet, Helene Richol, Marie-Therese Richol-Müller, Woodie Roehmer, Roland Sabatier,
Jean-Louis Sarthou, Frédéric Studeny, Dany Tayarda



                                @ Central Tejo – Maat (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology)



Komplex, KabARet Lisbon (workshop 1)



Komplex, KabARet – Workshop from LEB FILM on Vimeo.

3 days workshop, with a first theoretical session at MAAT followed by the effective production with participants: moving in the neighborhood, snapping photos, driving in the decoupage and digital torning technique.

Kit list:
Smartphones with Aurasma APP installed (Android – iOS)

Laptop, with the following software free download:
-Black Magic Fusion

Komplex KabARet Lisbon is a workshop that aims to create an Augmented Reality experience in the venues of the Conference, at the MAAT and in the skyline of Lisbon. The workshop intends to share the paradigm of Komplex in the technical and creative production of AR in urban space. It will focus on computer vision, representation techniques to reach the suspension of disbelief of the user and it will mash-up the “AR” with the provocations of the avant-gardes. Likewise, Komplex will use open source technologies and software in the dissemination of AR, considering it as a tool to enfranchise the audience from the traditional cinematic experiences (cinema, TV set) and to inspire the audience to wander in urban spaces in search of the unexpected.

Mariano Equizzi, (member of Komplex) is an Italian digital artist and filmmaker active in Italy and Bulgaria and a former student of the National Cinema School of Rome. He is devoted to the exploration of New Media and provocative approaches in storytelling and speculative fiction. Since the 80’s that he scans and creates multimedia works related to publishing, cinema and to crossroad in which the media can disrupt each other offering to the User/Viewer a new landscape of actions able to enfranchise the audience from market dogmas and media cages. For the work “Komplex, 28”, he achieved the honorable mention of the jury at the 2014 Filmteractive Festival Lodz, PL. Komplex implanted all over the world Augmented Reality experiences based on the psychogeographic exploration of the urban space.

The other members of Komplex are Mr. Luca Liggio (digital video producer) and Mr. Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi (Music Composer and Sound Designer).


Max: 15 participants

Fee: 25€


Registration is open – please contact to the conference’s email!


The Poetics of Voice (workshop 2)



A practical workshop on sound poetry and vocal improvisation, guided by the sound poet Américo Rodrigues, which seeks to discover and explore the expressive potentialities of the voice, in an insistent search to say the unspeakable.

Américo Rodrigues is a sound poet, performer and vocal improviser. He graduated in Portuguese Language and has a Master in Speech Sciences, with a thesis on Emotions in Speech. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Américo Rodrigues (1961-) developed an intense experimentation with voice in live shows and recordings. Between sound poetry and music, his sonic and vocal work constitute a singular example of appropriation and renewal of the sound poem and of the potentiation of his poetic and musical possibilities. The vocalizations of Américo Rodrigues make a virtuoso use of the vocal apparatus, sometimes with the help of external acoustic sources and other times with sound manipulation of recorded materials.

Discography: Despertar do funâmbulo (2000, cd-áudio), Escatologia (2003, cd-áudio), Trânsito Local Trânsito Vocal (2004, com Jorge dos Reis, cd-áudio), Aorta Tocante (2005, cd-áudio), Cicatriz:ando (2009, cd-áudio), Porta-Voz (2014, cd-áudio).

Adpt. Po.ex and others

Max: 15 participants
3 hours of practice
Fee: 25€

Registration is open – please contact to the conference’s email!




25-27 October 10h-13h/14h-17h
Room 2.13

Introducing a free open studio through typographic and experimental elements, with collage techniques (Max Ernst), driping, (Asger Jorn), deviation (Debord), rhythm-rumor (Mayakovsky), scotch art (Wolmans), among others.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Invisible Circus of the Diggers, in 1967, the organizers decided to create a workshop that somehow would reenact the energy and the spontaneity of the 60s with the urge for renewal and art activism of the present age. The workshop will be open to all participants and attendees.

Participants are invited to collect bits of news flashes, papers, poetic fragments, their own talks and stories, that in the end will be both part of a printed absurd manifesto and of a living symbolic archive of the conference.

“O Homem do Saco” (The Boggeyman), a typographical creative association, will bring the necessary equipment and set up shop at the University of Lisbon.

O Homem do Saco (The Boggeyman) is an atelier of typography and of independent editions. It makes editions of a limited number of copies in typography of moveable characters, but also uses digital or offset prints for editions with bigger print runs. At other times, it just mixes different printing techniques. There are several editorial seals in this association, as many as different aproaches to the works in hand.

People interested in participating in the open studio shall collect bits of data on the opening day and handle them to The Boggeyman the day after, 26th at the University, Room 2.13.

2- Collection and PRINTING of typographic and EXPRESSIVE elements (day 1 and 2) 26th October

The final object/volume will be produced in the last day and sent by postal mail to the participant’s address.

If you want to participate with data for the open studio, please email the organization.


Invisibility Lab's Specimen Collection

Independent Artist and Founder
Transart Institute / Plymouth University


The Invisibility Lab is a mobile creative center where the phenomena of invisibility is studied and presented under the canopy of a pop-up tent through multimedia participatory activities, exhibitions, performances, and socially engaged art practices. It functions as a mobile gallery, stage, creative studio, and research lab. During the Invisible Republic Conference the Invisibility Lab will be located in the main lobby where attendees are invited to stop by and participate in or observe experiments happening at the Lab.

Gabrielle Senza is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work addresses social, political, and environmental themes through visual and performing art practices including creative activism and socially engaged art projects. She has exhibited widely and her work is included in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), and other public, corporate and private collections. Among her teaching credits are Guest Artist and Adjunct Faculty positions with Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Cooper Union, MASS MoCA, IS 183 Art School, Flying Cloud Institute, and
Montserrat School of Art.

LAB #1
Archive of Invisible Things: The Specimen Jar Collection – Stop by the Invisibility Lab and add something to the growing collection of invisible things.

LAB #2
Invisible Dialogues: A One-to-One Performance with Gabrielle Senza – Enjoy an intimate one-to-one performance with Gabrielle Senza in the privacy of the Invisibility Lab. Limited to 6 intimate performances.

Max: 6 participants
15-20 minutes per session
Fee: 25€ (by artist request)

Keywords: archive, creative research, invisible, marginalized, identity, perception, social practice